Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the cover

 We are pretty stoked for Brian Elliot. He bought one of the first sets we had done back in March. Told us he was building a bike for the Smokeout probuildoff and as it turned out he took home top prize. Good for him, it looks like he put a shit load of hours into Wenona and it paid off. He can build you a bike as well. He can be contacted at:

ONE THING THAT NEEDS TO BE CLEARED UP about the article is this. It says the boxes came from THROWBACK MC.  There is a motorcycle club that hails from the Grass Valley area of Norcal that goes by the name of THROWBACKS MC. This has NEVER been related to our company"THROWBACK MC PARTS" in any way shape or form. With all due respect to the Throwbacks MC. Just wanted to clear the air on that. WE ARE NOT A Club we are a motorcycle parts company.

Congrats again to Brian.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fix those worn out rocker arms

 You know how almost every rocker arm you ever get used kinda looks like this, not that they dont still work this way but We decided to do something about it.
 So we bult this fixture you see here.
 Then built an arbor on the lathe to spin a grinding wheel with.

After a quick polish they are looking better than new and we saved some scratch to.
We may offer this service when these get properly road tested.