Monday, February 7, 2011

Van doren

If you were like me growing up in Norcal in the late seventies to late 80's and were into skating and BMX the this may hit home to you. There were no Vans stores here so ordering a pair of custom hightops was a big deal for a kid like me. We'd go down south for xmas and what have you and all I wanted to do was go to Vans store and pick out my present which latered be delivered to our house in Sunnyvale CA. It was a magical thing when they showed up weeks later and you knoew youd be the only dude around with these sweet new treads. Here I was in 5th grade with full redcheck on as much of the shoe as I could get it on. Man was I stoked. the pic of the shoes is clostest thing I could find on the net but I remember them having way more check to them.

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