Thursday, February 23, 2012


We finally got these where we want them and will start selling them soon. I have a list of people who have contacted me since we first showed them at Born Free 3. They will be sold in the order people contacted me. I have saved all of your info and thank you for being so patient and supportive. This is a part time gig for us rite now but hopefully it will turn full time sooner than we think so we can start living the dream and nightmare of independant employment. I am taking orders now but not payment yet.


ND said...

I dig the fins

Brian Black Sunshine Elliott said...

I will have to say I am one of the first to receive a set of the rocker boxes and they are top notch quality. Josh has did a kick ass job on these. thanks again Josh.
Black Sunshine Customs.

americanaglory said...

i want a pair! money ready to go. went to the store and they are not for sale yet. is there still a list? if so i want a pair! put me on the list. k.c. at americana glory blog spot. dude those are the sickest heads ive ever seen. they look as nice as my knuckleheads bro. i have a throw back shovel im building, more like a late 70's early 80's low and mean bobber i want to put these on. im frucking sycked.

americanaglory said...

i just realized a bought a set of your fuck off risers a couple years back. im going to use those risers on the bike too. i might grab the pedal, when its done maybe you cats can use the pics to help promo.